Hello Kitty Waffles

Hello Kitty Waffles
Imagine one day you just wake up in the early of morning and you still feel sleepy, but you can’t continue to sleep because you need to go out early. When you approach the breakfast table and you see Hello Kitty waffles on it. What will you feel? Are you going to eat Hello Kitty waffle? Some of my friends who dislike Hello Kitty and told me that they might not feel good, but they will eat Hello Kitty waffles because they want to bite Hello Kitty and don’t want to see them. LOL. I believe Hello Kitty fanatic will eat them too because they are foods and you can’t keep them longer. Leave us the comments and tell us what will you feel and do.

4 Responses to “Hello Kitty Waffles”

  1. kaila says:

    ya i got a hello kitty waffle maker they sell them at target for about 40 $ i use it all the time and i luv it its really worth it heres a pic of it im at the library and they wong let me go to photobucketb http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41AETYFHN8L._SS384_.jpg

  2. mallory says:

    my husband suprises me every christmas with a new hello kitty product. i actually have the waffle iron that makes these cute little shapes. i also hav the coffee maker, toaster, and electric water cooler! now im just trying to talk him into the bad @ss AK 47 that ive seen pics of.

  3. Yasha says:

    I also thought the AK was a “must have”
    Those waffles look yummy, if only HK’s mom would cook them for me…

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