Hello Kitty Vampire Tattoo

Hello Kitty Vampire Tattoo
Do you think this Hello Kitty vampire tattoo look cute? I don’t understand why people like to combine Hello Kitty with something.

Source: Brian Phelps

13 Responses to “Hello Kitty Vampire Tattoo”

  1. beesa says:

    biteing tastic

  2. angel says:

    I think that hello kitty tattoo is the cutest one I have ever seen hello kitty rocks!

  3. charmayne says:


  4. chazzie b says:

    love it xxxxx

  5. De'Angelis says:

    That’s so creative and i’ve never seen a tat so pretty like this one but i dont really like Hello Kitty be u have just made me like it so much just keep up the good work !

  6. kitty says:

    that is so adorable!!! i have a gothed out hello kitty tat on my back

  7. Stefania says:

    I don like the Hello Kitty tattoo , sure that hello kitty is more sweet then that ugle thing .

  8. Brittany says:

    this tat is badass killer Hell Yeah!!!!

  9. brenda lopez says:

    I think this is so cute and pretty (I love it)

  10. marina says:

    what if you were black, you woudn’t be able to even see it !!

  11. shella says:

    I want to buy some products, how do I do this

  12. angell says:

    that is so damn pretty ima get this soon

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