Hello Kitty Urinal Target

Hello Kitty Urinal Target
I think there is something wrong with the person who design Hello Kitty urinal target. I know girls like Hello Kitty, but they don’t use urinal target. Hello Kitty toilet seat cover has been enough for man. Trying to imagine if you had came across Hello Kitty urinal target after you had some beers and wanted go to a restroom to relieve yourself and find out Hello Kitty is staring at you out of the urinal target. What are you going to do? Are you going to run away and find the other urinal target or just piss all over Hello Kitty and then go back to continue your drink?

2 Responses to “Hello Kitty Urinal Target”

  1. ebony says:

    i dont like it and i fink its a waist of time

  2. talisa says:

    yo yo i think hello kitty is a dik head and pedo !!!!!

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