Hello Kitty Toilet Paper

Hello Kitty Toilet Paper
Previously, i talked about Hello Kitty Kotex and wondered if there is Hello Kitty toilet paper or not. It does exist after i google it. It is perfect as a gift to people who love or hate Hello Kitty. Do you agree with me, don’t you? I could imagine the people who love who love Hello Kitty will get the Hello Kitty toilet paper for display only, but not to use it. How about the people who hate Hello Kitty? Maybe they will use it to wipe their *ahem* and looking at it when they flush the poor Kitty down the toilet. LOL.

Kitty Toilet Paper
Image: Flickr

7 Responses to “Hello Kitty Toilet Paper”

  1. Hey iLike The Hello hello-kitty-toilet-paper..iT’s To Cute Yall Need To Make A hello-kitty-Cell-Phone It Will,Be Cute,Or Should I Say Hello Cute..Lol…I Want My Bath My Room hello-kitty…

    Love,Your Frenid Armeshia

  2. gwendoline says:

    hello kitty je kiff trop grave a mort

  3. marissa says:

    i luv the hello kitty toilet paper not 2 use.lol but any way all the hello kitty haters like the creators of WHY I HATE HELLO KITTY and hitler kitty are f#!$*! up.leave hello kitty alone she just makes people happy just because u mother’s dont get joy out of it doesnt mean u have 2 take it out on hello kitty.hello kitty haters are just pathetic and lonely they just want 2 ruin other peoples happiness.i didnt toss or turn in my sleep i know u dont care ,but my little sister saw this and cried she couldnt sleep she is like litterally paralized she is just 8.she thinks this is a perfect world not any more.her dreams r shattered.thanks to the haters out there.you are evil in the eyes of god 2 even put something on the internet like that.i know u wont change your minds but i just wanted 2 tell u what your evil minds r doing.y would u even have a store u evil people.i speak what all the hello kitty lovers are afraid 2 say i hope u people r happy u people can go down there when u r deaseased.GOOD BYE TO ALL OF THE GOOD HEARTED HELLO KITTY LOVERS.GO BYE-BYE TO ALL THE COLD HEARTED HELLO KITTY HATERS.

  4. Armeshia goldsmith says:


  5. almiita says:

    Hi! I’m looking for HK Toilet paper…..where did you find these?

  6. Charley Kane says:

    What i need is some Glenn Beck toilet paper, and i can tell you that it would certainly be used!

  7. emma says:

    Just when you think that you’ve seen it all,along comes hello kitty toilet paper! I understand that you can get a toilet seat (and covers) too!!

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