Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake
This Hello Kitty birthday cake was made by Kevin White for her daughter’s 6 years old birthday. At first, i thought the cake was made by a mother for her daughter’s birthday. But, i was wrong until i checked his profile at flickr. He is probably a good father. Ok, let’s talk about the cake. Is this cake cute? The eyes of the Hello Kitty are made of a type of Oreo cookies, the whiskers of Kitty are trimmed fruit snacks and the flowers are Starburst candies cut into slivers and shaped. Yummy, i want to eat it. ^^

Image: Flickr

9 Responses to “Hello Kitty Birthday Cake”

  1. Norma says:

    i have got to make this.

  2. tollie leigh says:

    this is the cutest cake i ever seen in my life

  3. Lula says:

    i love this birthday cake very much

  4. hammond says:

    i love this cake

  5. Stephanie says:

    How cute think I am gonna do this for my daughters 4th birthday this year!!!!!!

  6. Adelide says:

    mmm… delicious! I want it!
    Do u makeee it?

  7. lanyia says:

    what in the hell

  8. Jamel Bowman says:

    We need this guys number :>

  9. shaghayegh says:

    Hiiiii thank yoy so much

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