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Hello Kitty AK-47

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Hello Kitty AK-47
When the first time i saw the picture, i was shocked and quickly did the research on this Hello Kitty AK47 riffle.

Is Hello Kitty showing her true colors? LOL. If this Hello Kitty AK47 is real, this will be the first Hello Kitty product that i would actually want to buy. But, my friend told me it is fake and he can do the same thing to an Ak47 in photoshop.

After i did the research, i found the disclaimer on the product page and it write, “The site is a parody for humor purposes only. No actually weapons may be bought on this site. Hello Kitty is a trademark of Sanrio Inc. You are taking the wrong drugs if you think that Sanrio would ever license the use of Hello Kitty for a firearm or weapon of any sort.”

Hahaha… This is the first time Sanrio almost had me. LOL. Bear in mind, Hello Kitty brings love and she doesn’t kill!!